Shutterchip Photography @ Studio 21 are now offering Photography courses. Our Studio is fully equipped with Learning space.

These courses are bookable in advance and each course last six weeks.

Each session lasts for two and half hours hours 6.30 -9 pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings.

What will the course include ?rocco shoot

  • Fully explore the cameras and equipment
  • Use of manual settings
  • Understand ISO, F numbers & more
  • The use of a full working studio, learn lighting techniques, also allowing the opportunity to have photo shoots of models, animals & product photography
  • 1:4 Teaching (maximum of 4 students per class.

Weekend courses may also be available, Please contact us on 07735581434 for more details.

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Phototherapy Workshopsztutor6

What is Phototherapy ?

These workshops combine Mindfulness with Photography .

MINDFULNESS; the quality or state of being aware of something, a mental state achieved by focusing ones awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Photography is all about focusing and capturing the moment.

If we train ourselves to become more aware of the present moment the ordinary can become extraordinary.

Mindfulness is not difficult, it just requires practise and the most satisfying and creative way is through Photography.

What can you see that no one else can ?

Looking through a camera lens encourages us to view the world in which we live !

What will I do at the Workshops ?zmind3

The full course lasts for 6 weeks one day per week.  11am – 3pm

During this time you will :

  • Learn Mindfulness Techniques
  • Learn how to use a camera
  • Learn how to use photography software to edit imageszmind2
  • Full use of Studio equipment, learning to use the lighting
  • Enjoy days out taking photographs
  • Produce a journal of your work
  • End of course exhibition

Both Courses are £125 for 6 weeks.         Drop in sessions are available £25 Daytime   £30 Evening


                                 “We are constantly surrounded by beauty and incredible moments”                                

For Further details please give me a call;

Lee  07735581434

Look forward to seeing you on my courses !

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